A complete turnkey project involving analysing , designing, developing and implementing all or multiple scope as mentioned below can be undertaken....
Strategic : help organizations with strategic planning for the foreseeable future (which may include , restructuring, developing Skilled Manpower, marketing nationally, buying/ selling assets or revitalizing leadership).
Manpower Management: advise about recruitment practices, Selecting the right candidates, compensation and benefits packages, workforce diversification, employee development Plans & Training
Marketing: work with companies seeking innovative ways to market new or existing products and services. Strategic Consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development.
Operations : help organizations increase productivity by improving / re-engineering business processes.
Technology : help organizations implement new technologies for better productivity & Control.
Organizational change : work with organizations for undergoing a fundamental reorientation in the way they operate.
Training : Skill based training for employees to deliver better results and improve productivity , motivate and retain them. Some areas of training : Time Management, Communication skills, stress management , Goal setting and Planning , Customer service and other soft skills.
Any other custom consultancy requirements based on any of the above services can be tailor-made to suit the organizations specific needs.
Nature of Association : The consulting association can be defined as per the requirement of the organisation and the nature of activity :
  • Long Term : As a regular Consultant associated with the organisation.
  • Strategic : For implementing turnkey operation & review at specific intervals
  • Project based : specific to special Projects / Activities.